Writers 750 Program

“February Villains” Short Story Contest

Learn more about this contest. Then post your story. Word count 750-1,500. Due: Feb. 25, 2021. Click on the villain to post your story.

Voting will take place from Feb. 26-Feb. 28, 2021. All writers who post a story must vote. Winners and awards will be announced after voting.

By heathermarieschuldt

Heather Marie Schuldt is an author, Christian Counselor, and certified therapist. She published six fiction anthologies with over fifty authors in 2013 and 2014. She co-authored an award winning fantasy novella, "Gryffon Master," with five authors in 2015. She began studying apologetics in 2016, served as the president of student government, and graduated with a master's degree in 2019. Her 2020 publication is a workbook for writers called "Writers 750 Emerald Workbook." She is happily married with three grown children and an English Bulldog.